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Visit of Attorneys of Belinurcollegua to Great Britain in 2016


      In December of 2016 a visit of attorneys of Belinurcolleguia to Great Britain took place. In the course of the visit, new business partners were established, negotiations aimed at improving the quality level of rendering legal assistance to citizens of the Republic of Belarus and Great Britain on the territory of both countries were held.

       In the course of business meetings with English colleagues mutually beneficial ways of cooperation were elaborated, acquaintance with the world practice and International Legislation in dealing with various cases took place; new directions of cooperation in the legal activity were developed.

         English colleagues were acquainted with the legal status of Belinurcolleguia, its structure and position in the system of advocacy of the Republic of Belarus, directions of activity in providing legal assistance, the specifics of carrying out work on documenting hereditary cases in Belinurcolleguia. In addition, British colleagues were acquainted with the Belarusian Legislation in general, the judicial system, and other issues of the public and legal system of Belarus. Exchange of information and explanations on innovations in the Legislation in the countries, exchange of experience in the application of the Legislation took place.

      In the course of the visit cases which arose on specific cases in joint production were also discussed with partners of Belinurcolleguia and the most effective ways of their solution were found.

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