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Change of Management


Change of Management

Head of Belinurcolleguia Glazkov Viktor Vasilyevich dedicated over 9 years to the activity of Belinurcolleguia and contributed a lot into successful development of our organization and expansion of business contacts. Having reached the age of 72 he took a wise decision and retired for a well deserved rest.

At present Belinurcolleguia is headed by Simonov Aleksandr Anatolyevich

In 1979 Simonov A.A. successfully graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Belarusian State University. For over twenty years he had worked as a lawyer at courts of the first and the second instance. For a long time he had been in the civil service at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus. He prepared a number of publications in scientific and practical editions. Under A.A. Simonov’s editorship “Practical Textbook for Notaries, Advocates, Judges, and Professors of Universities” “Notaries Execution of Documents in the Republic of Belarus” was published. In 2008 he took an upgrading course at the International Institute of Children’ Rights in Switzerland, in 2010 in Germany at the Bavarian Ministry of Justice, the Highest Land Court, the German society of arbitrators.

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