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     The game of chess is very popular all over the world. Championships and tournaments of different levels are held every year.

     All-Russian Chess Championship among attorneys for the prize of the "White Queen" Advocate newspaper" has become traditional. The championship was held for the seventh time in May 2019 and reached the international level due to the participation of a team from Belarus. Part of the Belarusian Bar, the winners of the Republican qualifying tournament among attorneys in our country went to participate: Naumik Denis Mikhaylovich of the Specialized Legal Advice Office "Belinurcolleguia", the captain; Pronevich Dmitriy Andreyevich - an attorney from the Legal Advice Office of the Zavodskoy district of the city of Minsk; Semashko Aleksandr Vatslavovich - an attorney of the Legal Advice Office of the Leninskiy district of the city of Brest.

     A solemn opening ceremony of the championship took place on May 20th. Greeting words were delivered by the first vice-president of the FPF of the Russian Federation, the president of the Chamber of Advocates of St. Petersburg, the chairman of the Championship Organizing Committee Yevgeniy Vasilyevich Semenyako, as well as an honorary guest - Irina Taymanova, sister of the celebrated chess player Mark Taymanov.

     After that, a personal team competition began, in which 73 attorneys took part, most of who were formed into 20 teams; each team consisted of three people. The result of a team depended on the performance of each of its participant. Everyone tried to prove themselves with the maximum opportunity. On the first day, three rounds were played with shortened time limit (15 minutes for each participant, with 5 seconds added to each move). On the second day, chess players played six rounds, after which the winning team was determined. The victory in a hard battle was deservedly won by the team from the Moscow Chamber of Advocates. For the third time an attorney from the Samara Region Chamber of Advocates Oleg Bezman became the winner in the individual competition.

     On the final day, 54 attorneys took part in the blitz tournament in which only five minutes is given for each part with the addition of two seconds for each subsequent move. According to the results of the tournament, the attorney from the St. Petersburg Chamber of Advocates Mikhail Pashinskiy became the winner for the third year in a row.

     The team of Belarusian attorneys was placed just below the middle of the finish rating table, having scored 11.5 points. The best result was shown by Denis Naumik, 4.5 points. In the blitz tournament, the best result among the Belarusian attorneys was also with Denis Naumik, who had scored б points out of 11.

     The team of attorneys from the Republic of Belarus thanked the organizers of the tournament for the invitation and a high level of organization. As was remarked by the captain of the Belarusian team of attorneys Denis Naumik, members of the Belarusian team were glad to be feeling themselves the participants of the holiday held in St. Petersburg. "It was pleasant to spend these warm in all respects days in the friendly atmosphere". We will be always glad to participate and try to pull up our level of chess mastership".



who showed the best personal result among Belarusian attorneys- chess players at the representative International Tournament of Attorneys in St. Petersburg

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